Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome to Semester 2!

Hi everybody. Welcome to Our Class 2009.

Read* the newspaper article above. Search the net to find out what blogs are. Check with your classmates and teacher to see what everybody thinks blogs are.

As blogs are written on a computer, the very first thing to think about is your posture. It's very important to sit properly and at a good distance from the computer. So let's start working:
  • Read this information about Computer Health. Click on all the links (Stretches, Postures, Consequences)

  • Do the Quiz. When you finish answering the quiz, print it and keep it in your folder in the blog section. Remember to get a ring folder to be well organised with your class notes. Andrew and I will be asking you to look at things done in previous lessons, so if you keep them in order, it'll be easy to find them quickly.

  • Now let's start creating your blogs. Click on Create Blog (up on the top bar) and follow the steps. At home you can check this bloggerHelps' Channel video on How to create a blog.

Weekend Work

Read Marion's post to her AMEP-A students. It tells you about our work with blogging.

* We've been doing work with the language of instructions. Can you tell me what do all the words in blue bold type font have in common? Write your answers in the comments section at the bottom of this post.


  1. All the buld bold type font words are the imperative form in instructions.


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