Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sculpture by the Sea

Every year Sydneysiders are presented a spectacular international art exhibition, Scultpure by the Sea. Last Tuesday our two AMEP classes (A & B) went to see it. We were very fortunate with the weather, but I wont' tell you any more about it. Visit our students' blogs and read their recounts about the day.

So, class, this is what you have to do today:
  • recount about the day
  • description of your assignated sculpture and your opinion about it
  • talk about your favourite sculpture/s
  • Add photos or an album
  • Chose a photo of you and a sculpture and enter the abc competition
  • Listen to what other visitors thought here
  • read this newspaper article about one of the winners, Mona Aghababaee. What do you think about this item of news?

Catch up work:

  • go to the forum and write your opinion on disciplining children
  • write an opinion text about physical punishment
  • write a letter to the editor about smoking

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