Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Belongings: Personal Narratives

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First of all, congratulations to the students (Jin, Pei he & Keya) who followed my instructions on how to add a cloud photo! You pass reading instructions and using technology to improve your English language skills!

Also thanks so much to all the students who have already talked to us about books they have borrowed from the library (Doaa, Roy, Keya & Pei He). A couple of you have to try and find the dewey number of your book. Check the online library catalogue now!

Ok, let's work:

  • Today I would like to continue calling you individually to record your voice in our World Map.
  • Check past posts in this blog and make sure you have done all the work in them (Computer Health, listening to the Librarian podcast, work in Time4 English, etc).

  • Read this worksheet about Belongings, visit the links in it and then write a draft of your own text.
    Links: The Migration Heritage Centre & Edda Marcuzzi


Weekend work

  • Watch this very interesting video of an English teacher talking about how to describe things using English

  • Take a photo of the item you are going to write about and add it to your blog post.

  • Read your classmates posts
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