Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hi again,

First of all, congratulations on your sticky notes on last week's wallwisher. Take time to read them all and listen/watch the links that your classmates left there about Learning English.

Visit your classmates' blogs. I think Keya has already put a picture of a keya (flower from Banglades). Write a comment on everyone's blog.

We have been learning about the language of instructions. This is an instructional class blog. Your teacher (me, Rosa) tells you what to do to practise your English online. So if you read my posts, you can follow my instructions, which often are expressed with the imperative verb form.

  • Count the number of imperatives in last week's post. There is one answer in comments, but it's not correct. You can try to write the answer in comments. The helpdesk has told me the filter has been lifted. If not, write it on your notebook and check with me.

  • Visit your classmates' blogs. I think Keya has already put a picture of a keya (flower from Bangladesh).

  • Write a comment on everyone's blog.

  • I thought you may be interested in watching this video about How to grill the perfect steak. Do you know how to cook? What's your favourite dish? Write a recipe in your blog.

  • I will call you individually to record your voice in our World Map.

  • Ask for help if you still learning how to add links and pictures to your blog.

  • Go to Time4English, Intermediate, 7 LIVING IN AUSTRALIA 1. Do 7A (a vocabulary exercise on Insurance) and 7B, reading about types of car insurance.
  • Finally, tell us in comments what you think about today's picture


  1. I think the cloud is Rosa's face, your PS skill is pretty good, maybe you can teach us how to do it next class. Fantastic...

  2. Is it the homework for the next week?
    I have no idear at all,what shall i need to do?haha,it's joke, i got it...

  3. It is a bright blue sky! Cloud around our dear teacher Rosa's face! She smile so happy! As PEI say "your PS skill is pretty good"! It also give me a guess!
    ENJOY ^_^

  4. Hi rosa, It's a nice picture, and It very nice idea. Just reminded me about Jesus mother Mary's come out to blessing people. I saw that photo some where. Im not remember,But nice he he

  5. wooooow rosa!!!
    what a special idea you look very beatiful behind the clouds.

  6. oh...Rossa you looking so nice.What a great idea of you!!!


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