Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Giving it to someone

Joe brought it home from the office. He gave it to Betty and one of his kids and to Betty’s mother. But Betty’s mother went back to California the next day. On her way to the airport, she gave it to a cab driver, a ticket agent and one of the charming stewardesses. At school, Joe’s kid gave it to some other kids and Mrs Meryl got it and gave it to her husband. In California, Betty’s mother gave it to her best friend Dotty. But Dotty had a heart condition and she died. But before she died, Dotty gave it her girlfriend, the mailman, the paper boy, and her vet when she went to pick up her Chihuahua.

What do you think Joe could have brought to the office?

Watch this 1976 TV advertisement and you'll know. You can read the script below, especially if you can't watch the video from TAFE!

I don't need another flu shot. I had a flu shot last year!
A swine flu epidemic may be coming.
Swine flu shot? Well, I don't know. I've been thinking about it.
It could make you very sick.
Swine flu, man I'm too fast for it to catch me!
You want to be protected
I'm the healthiest 55 year old you've ever seen. Hey, I play golf every weekend!
Get a shot of protection. The Swine Flu shot.

2009 Press
In small groups/pairs choose one of the following articles and then write a summary in your own words. Publish it in our f2f wiki.
Every group should also get news from your own countries in L1 (your first language)

Thanks to TEFL clips for the lesson plan idea and to twitter English_Phrases for publishing the link!(ditto to englishathome and kalinagoenglish)

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