Tuesday, April 7, 2009

News articles & Easter Show

1. We have read two articles form the local paper, the Leader, in class this week. One of them is about Bert Gardner, a man who has just graduated from university at 83, the other item is about teenagers binge drinking.

  • Write your opinion about the 83 grand graduate in your blog.

  • Write your opinion about teenage binge drinking in our forum.

2. Some of you didn't listen to the counsellor's podcast. Do it and write about it in your blog.

3. We managed to record your voices in Voicethread. Well done everyone! Listen to your classmates and everyone else in the three photos. You also gave your opinion about Traditional Gender roles in our forum. Check it again as Marion's students added their opinions. You can answer to what they wrote. Remember to write their name. For example: I agree with you, Rosa. It's very important that everyone does the lion's share of the housework.

Holiday Work

  1. During the holidays you will have time to do different things. Why don't you take a ferry to Manly, go to one of the many museums in Sydney or visit the Easter show? You can do this Easter Show worksheet to practise your reading skills.

  2. We have been doing a lot of work on relative clauses. Go to English Grammar4U and do the exercises & tests about relative clauses.

  3. Don't forget to send me an e-mail on week two about your holidays. It should have a recount about some special outing or activity you have done during week 1.
  4. Developing LIteracy through Technology ASSESSMENT. This is one of your subjects fro the semester. Check all the blog work from the past weeks. This checklist will help you check what work you have due.
  5. You will have a writing assessment when we come back. Remember to revise all the worksheets we did on writing postcards. You will have plenty to write about after two weeks' holiday, so happy holiday, everyone!

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