Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome back!

Did you see yesterday's beautiful rainbow?This photo was taken with my mobile phone from the car park.

Hi everybody and welcome to our new students, Lina and Desire, who will be getting their blogs started today. Say hello to them in their comments boxes.

Holiday email
Please reply to my email and/or send me your corrected version if you haven't done it yet.

Relative Clauses
We have been learning about relative clauses in class. During the holidays I gave you some links to do more practice. As we have some new students and some of you haven't got an Internet connection at home, you can do some of the work now. Do these exercises on relative clauses:

Blog Portfolio
Today I will let you complete work from last term. Remember you must write about at least 3 podcast from last term. Keep filling in your check list.

Giving it to someone
"Joe brought it home from the office. He gave it to Betty and one of his kids and to Betty’s mother. "
Go to this post and find out about it. Do the exercises as instructed. Marion's class can join in next Monday.

Twitter challenge
Read the previous post to find out about it. Every week we can learn new colloquial expressions and then you can use them for the challenge. This week you can look at expressions of health & illness. Write one or two sentences using one of the new expressions with your own words. You can then send it to English_Phrases starting your message with this: @English_Phrases.

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