Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Flu, Easter Eggs

Thinking about your learning

Spend a minute to answer this survey about Learning English. Check the results and see if they change.

Listening to yourselves & Speaking to each other

From now on I will post your podcasts in a new Sydney Institute blog called We talk!. This means that we won't have any problems listening to them at TAFE. I will still publish them in Let's talk! as this has a bit of a following (past students, other Australian TAFE classes, other ESL learners & teachers from overseas). So welcome to your new podcasting blog. I'm looking forward to your new radio programs. Keep talking!

  • Today you can listen to your second podcast made by Mouri, Dina, Asha & Rosa. We talk with an AMEP teacher, Melanie, and her students about making Easter Eggs.

  • Practise your pronunciation. Using Audacity we are going to record ourselves telling the story of Waratah Romance so far. You can use the words in this box to remember details of the story.

Writing & searching the Internet for News

We are continuing with our group Swine Flu work from last week.

  • Watch this BTN video for more information about Sine Flu.

  • With your group, work on your article by adding new information to what you wrote last week.

  • Start publishing your work in our f2f SI wiki. Go to News (page link on the left sidebar). The create a new page for your group and link to it form the news page.

  • We will record a radio program on Swine flu for We talk! as soon as your group is ready.

Vocabulary & twitter challenge

You can do this at home on the weekend:

  • Idiom Connection Print the first section to undestand the difference between idiom, phrasal verbs and proverbs.
  • Choose an idiom from the Animal Idioms list and write 2 sentences with it. Write them in the f2f wiki and at home publish them in twitter writing @English_Phrases in your twit.

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