Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anecdotes & Excursion

Talking about ourselves is something that we often do when we meet new friends, classmates or work colleagues. Listen to five of your classmates talking about themselves in this We Talk podcast.

Soon we'll be going on our excursion to the Chinese Gardens and Sydney Aquarium. It will be a good opportunity to practise what you've learnt about casual conversation. Today you can listen to a very good example of a casual conversation with an anecdote. Listen to this podcast of two TAFE teachers, Wendy and Gihan, having a chat during their coffee break. Do the worksheet and choose a classmate to practise anecdote telling later in class. You can record your conversation with Audacity.

A very important skill to learn when preparing an excursion or a day out in a big city like Sydney is to know how to plan your trip ahead. We are going to use trains, so check the CityRail website and follow these steps:
  1. Click on timetables
  2. Select a station. You will be shown which line it belongs to
  3. Click on that line in the city direction (in our case it's Bondi)
  4. Select the page with the time when you want to travle (in our case 7-10.06 am)
  5. Write down the time you have to catch the train in order to be at Town Hall at 9:41 am
  6. Now check the timetable again to find out when to leave Darling Harbour if we want to get to Kogarah station at 2:19 pm.

Trip Planner

CityRail aslo offers the possibility of planning your trip ahead. Click on the transport Info icon below:

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