Tuesday, May 26, 2009


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Last Tuesday we all went to listen to health specialists talk about Women's Health and Men's Health.

Answer this quiz about some of the information given to us by Cheryl on Women's Health.

On Wednesday 3rd May the Student Association is holding Health Expo 2009. There will be some fundraising activities, like the food prepared for us and all the AMEP students. There will be raffles and fantastic prizes to be won ( an ipod shuffle, $50.00 petrol voucher, etc). The money raised will go to Aussie Farmers.

We will be serving food in the first shift. Afterwards, please go and visit all the stalls and find out what they offer. To be on the competition, you have to fill in an evaluation form that has to be stamped by all the stall holders!

We should prepare the food that will be served on Tuesday or very early on Wednesday morning. Before preparing food, it's very important to know about food preparation hygiene. Read these two facts sheets: Hand Washing & Food Safety when cooking. Listen to these questions about food preparation and answer then in your blogs by writing a paragraph.

To help you with some of the vocabulary and content of the Health Expo, do the following activities:

1. Go to Time4English, News Library 7J. Read the article Hot Chips cause Cancer. It's a good idea to read the three levels, it will help you with vocabulary and comprehension.

2. Now read the article 7Y Take-Away Food Dangerous. Read the three levels. In your blog write a summary of both articles and tell us what you think.

3. Check the following links to help us prepare for Health Day: Better Health Obesity. Do the worksheet Obesity. (You can print it or do it online This is part of your reading assessment)

4. Read and listen to this fact sheet on Healthy eating, it is useful for both men & women, although it is directed to women in particular:
5. Look at the BMI Calculator. You just enter your height and weight and it'll tell you your BMI and if it's healthy or not. Check the health quizzes to get more ideas for yours.

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