Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More healthy tips & Assessment Tasks

Before you start your serious work, have a look at these pictures and tell me whose secret they refer too. I am talking about the secret information about yourselves that we shared yesterday in class.

Listen to your first podcast, Aussie Helpers, and answer the questions by writing a post in your blog. Do not write questions or questions numbers, but write an article about it with you own words. You can also watch the video on the Health Expo 2009. Use the images to write a recount in your blog. This is part of your listening assessment.

Read Better Health Skin Cancer, download the worksheet Skin Cancer. (You can print it. This is part of your reading assessment). Do the Skin Cancer risk test. It will help you understand if you are at risk because of your lifestyle choices. Some of you missed reading assessments, so this is your chance to catch up!

Start working on your radio programs: hobbies, music, sport, learning English, pets, food & love.
Do a bit of research to write an interesting introduction that will make people want to continue listening. Then prepare questions to ask your classmates. Be ready to improvise new questions to follow what your interviewee answers. As an interviewer, you have to listen carefully to what people are saying. This is part of your speaking assessment.

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  1. If you read the commetns left by Pat and Yun in the slide show, you 'll see that they guessed the person I was thinking of when I published my photos. It was Igor and his roof walking secret! My photos are form the roof of Notre Dame in Paris. I took them in January 2007 when I had a stop over with my family on our way back from Spain. It was freezing cold!


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