Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our class is coming to an end!

Semester 1 is nearly finished, which means many of you will move on and start new courses.

It's been a pleasure teaching you and I hope you have got something out of our time together.

It'll be very helpful for us teachers if you take a few minutes to fill in this evaluation survey to tell us your thoughts about the course.
Our Podcasts
Listen to the Health Expo podcasts in Let's Talk (there are two new ones The environment & Coast Walks).

Listen to Asha's (and Jovanna's) latest radio program about love. It's very interesting.
You can also listen to your interview with the dental nurse about dental care.
Another interesting program is the one on sports, prepared by Desire and Yun. Unfortunatley Yun couldn't be here to record it.
Finally we have Lina's program on Learning English. Most appropriate to finish our blog!
Well done everyone! I will publish the rest of your radio programs asap, so keep watching this space or Let's Talk if you are at home!

Read your classmates' narratives (mostly murder misteries, but also a love story) in their blogs. I"m glad we had time to learn about narrative reading and even writing a narrative. Keep the writing going. You don't have to be in class to continue using your blogs. You can do it by yourselves!

Extra work
We didn't have time to finsih this last week, so finish it when you can.

Some people can't look after themselves because they haven't got the means to do so. A school girl has recently won a prize for creating the video below about poverty. Check it out and read the poem she posted with the video and all the comments form teachers everywhere in the world. Write your reaction to this video in your blog and, if you wish, in her blog comments.

We were also talking about how to discipline children. Check this video, read the comments below the video and then go to our forum and answer the questions there. Tell us what you think.

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