Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Casual Conversations & Recounts

Talking about what we did on the weekend is something that we often do when we meet our friends, classmates or work colleagues. Last week we started writing about our weekend on our Wallwisher. Some other people have left their messages & links too. Read them and write about your weekend on it.

We also tend to tell anecdotes, which are short funny stories (i.e. recounts) of something that has happened to us of people we know. Anecdotes are part of what we call casual conversation. Today you can listen to a very good example of a casual conversation with an anecdote. Listen to this podcast of two TAFE teachers, Wendy and Gihan, having a chat during their coffee break. Do the worksheet and choose a classmate to practise anecdote telling later in class.

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  1. You can read what Marion's students wrote about their weekends here


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