Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Yesterday was a special day: 09.09.09. I heard on the radio that a group of German university students has created a website where they are asking people from everywhere in the world to write about what they did on the ninth of September 2009. They will them publish a book with the best stories and a part of the profits made from the sale of the books will be donated to charity. This is what you can do:
  • Read about it on the abc blog entry: 09 09 09 a Day on the Planet.
  • Listen to the interview with one of the organisers.
  • Visit the website called “a day on the planet”
  • As you know, the type of text is a a recount. Check the link on the left for a review of recount structure and linguistic features.
  • Write a 400 word story about what you did yesterday. Publish it on your blog
  • Send it to the German website (follow their instructions)

    You can also finish your writing about a belonging and record it on our voicethread.

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