Sunday, September 13, 2009

Australian Architecture

Last week Jean de Dieu gave us a short talk on Australian architecture. I happened to go to Ultimo TAFE college on Friday to pick up some equipment and I took some photos of two of the old buildings there. One is the Muse and the other one is building A or the Administration building.

Have a look at the photos below, check this Heritage Office information. You can copy the slideshow HTML to embed this album in a new post in your blog. Write a paragraph about the building with the Heritage Office information and your answers to these questions:

  • What style is this building?

  • Who designed and built it?

  • When was it built?

  • Name some of the materials used (eg brick)
  • What is the roof made of?

  • How tall is the building?

  • What was it built for? What was the original purpose of this building?

You can also try to answer the questions on each picture in the album below. They are of houses from the same architectural Australian style.
Do you know the name of this Australian architectural style? This will help you get to know useful vocabulary about houses. Most of the answers are spread in the album.

  • Yesterday we were working on two short reports on tigers and lions. Now is your chance to check up our doubts: How long do they live? Are they good climbers? Can they swim? Do they hunt at night?
  • You are practising listening to the news with Silvia, this is the BTN link I promised! Check it out. Ask me for the worksheets and do it on the weekend.
Finally, go to Marion's blog and read about the exciting breakfast on the bridge. I'm going to register too and so should you. It's free!

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