Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A bit of music & web collaboration

I found this gem and, although it is not in English, I had to share it. It's such a great example of people collaboration through the www! Hope you like it! Could you think of something similar -but simpler- that you could do with your classmates?


  1. So intresting gem.I find the maker use many element ,music,photo,flash,etc.It is hard to finish,but i would like to try to make similar -simple one with my friend.Thank you,Rosa!You share so many information and posts,which not only help us to improve our English but also to build up our knowledge .

  2. Thanks May,

    Let me know if you want to do something very simple. Maybe you could write the instructions in English and try and do it with some of your classmates. It would also be an exercise in giving/understanding instructions.


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