Friday, October 9, 2009

Speaking practice

I just found out about a very good site,, to watch videos and record your voice after each sentence.
You have to register (it's free), which is very quick and easy. Then follow the instructions, which are very clear and very easy too. Make sure your microphone settings are OK for recording.

You can also listen to it at a slower pace (speed) or listen without reading. It gives you a score. If it's not too good, just repeat it until you get a better score.
This one is from "Breakfast at Tiffany's: $10 at Tiffany's" . It's medium difficulty. Try it!


  1. I'm very thankful for your help Rosa.

    You are a great teacher!

  2. Rosa,you're always the best teacher and you've got a special idea to learn us more and more that's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well, who's got students who keep an eye on the class blog while on holidays? You are the ones who keep me going and exploring new ways of facilitationg your learning! So thank YOU!!!

  4. I watched two videoes, and every video was taken over half hour and repeated three times.I was able to understand the meaning of the conversation ,but it was difficult to keep every word correctly!Indeed,this is a good website for ENGLISH learner,and I have linked it on my class website of university.Thanks,Rosa!


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