Monday, March 30, 2009

Counselling Unit

What did you do for Earth Hour? I had dinner by candle light at a friend's place . There were 12 people, 8 adults and 4 teenagers. We all loved it! After dinner our host gave a piano concert in the dark. What about you? Did you do anything special? Tell us about it in comments.

Congratulations on your first podcast. Read about it and listen to it here. By the way, read the statistics about Australian population according to the 2006 census.

  • Let's try to see if we can record our voices in the World Map. You have to tell us where you come from, etc. I can do it from my office pc, so it should work in the computer room.

  • We have been talking about study pathways (what courses you can do after ESOL 3 & 4). Our college offers all our students career advice. You can make an appointment in the Counselling Unit (building A). Listen to Luisa, one of our college counsellors, for more information about the type of services they provide. Do the worksheet that comes with the podcast.

  • Marion's students have added their opinion to our forum on men & women's roles. Read them and feel free to write more on the topic.

  • Let's try once more Time4English. It worked when I logged in the day before yesterday. Go to Intermediate, 8a and 8b about Driving in Australia. Write a summary in your blog.
  • You know how to put a bubbleshare in your blog. This is another way of displaying images

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