Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aussie culture

We had such an exciting week last week! Your library short talks (or not so short...) were a great beginning to improving your English oral skills. You've started writing your blogs, commenting on each other's blogs, Rita started writing in our esolf2f wiki, Dina managed to write in our world map (finally someone had access to it!), Diana wrote a comment (which hasn't been published yet!) on a teacher's blog post about spelling and keeps us entertained while the presenter writes on the white board. Mitu gave a presentation on a Mathematics book (I'm afraid most of us are very green on Maths... ). Veena got our attention when she talked about the Titanic, didn't she? Asa showed us a fantastic book about Sydney then & now. Mercedes made us think about Colombia in a new way and Cellena got us thinking about saving money. You are such an informative & interesting group!

Now let's start work!

  • Jovanna talked about a very interesting book, 1000 questions and answers about Australia. Let's see if you can do this Oz crossword.
  • Wang and Aleya talked about Australia history. Alan said he's studying for the citizenship test, What about writing our own quiz? Let's try to do it in our esof2f wiki (ask Rita what f2f means). Each one of you should write at least 2 questions about Australia history, Australian culture or slang. Why don't you start by doing this Oz Quiz my students wrote a while back? You can check the links below the quiz, the slang dictionary in Time4English and this Australian government website to get some answers/ideas for questions. Once finished we'll publish it and everyone has to try and answer all the questions.
  • Finally, listen to Andrew's podcast. Read the article that some students wrote about it and ask Andrew more questions about what he says when you see him tomorrow.
  • Remember to add photos that are copyright safe or your own photos. In tutorials links (right sidebar) I have a link to a very good post on how to find photos on flickr. Have look at Marion's bubbleshare & smilebox photo albums. If you want, we can create one for our class.

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  1. Hi Rosa,

    Thanks for showing us how to safely get photos from the internet


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