Monday, March 23, 2009

Traditional Roles, Earth Hour

  • Three weeks ago we had great discussions about gender roles. Listen to Traditional Roles, Intermediate 5D in Time4English.

  • Then I would like you to continue the gender roles discussion in our private forum. Marion's students will also take part in it. Remember to read what everyone says and write more than once to give others time to express their opinions and make it a good discussion.

  • Last week I made the little video below about our Harmony Day celebration. Write a bout it in your blog.

  • Practise adding a bubleshare photo album in your post. Copy the one I posted for Harmony Day and paste it in the Edit HTML tab of your Harmony Day recount post. Follow the instructions.

  • You can also add the video. Go to and click on this icon at the bottom of the screen:
It will say Email or embed this video. Click on the embed tab and copy the HTML code. Paste it in the HTML section of your post. Publish it and check that it works. It is the same for other types of slide shows and videos. Very easy!

Video thumbnail. Click to play
Click to Play

Finally, I sent everyone an email about Earth Hour. When is it taking place? What is it? How can you help? Write about it in your blogs (or in our esolf2f wiki if you prefer).

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