Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Country

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We have been talking about Australia in class this week. This is a photo album with pictures taken by my brother and myself while he was visiting Sydney last month. On page 7 there is a video of the Blue Mountains which gives you a good idea of the Australian bush.
  • Go to our esolf2f wiki and add the Oz Quiz questions you prepared in class yesterday. Remember to check your email to activate your membership in the wiki. You have to open my invitation email and follow the instructions it it. Take turns to do the questions, as it's not possible to have 2 people working on the wiki at the same time.
  • While the others type, search the Internet for information about Harmony Day. Write a post in you blog about it. Call it Harmony Day. Visit the post from last year's Harmony Day.
  • Tomorrow add a recount to your Harmony Day post. In it tell everyone about what we did to celebrate Harmony Day at St George College.
  • Why don't you have some fun while you practise your spelling? Check this video and spell all the names of the people in it. You can check your spelling easily because they repeat the questions and add subtitles with all the names correctly spelt in writing.

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