Monday, March 2, 2009


Hi to all our students

Today I would like you to publish your recounts. Some of you have written about your first day in Australia and others have written about an anecdote ( a funny short story) that happened to you in the past.

An English teacher, Wendy Tanner, has left a comment in one of our posts. Read it. She has a fantastic wiki for her class. Feel free to read it, listen to the songs and everything else in it. We are going to try and work with her class. Do you have any ideas? Write them in comments or in our wiki esol f2f. I will show you how to do it.

I told you about looking up the pronunciation of new words online. This is one of many dictionaries you can use: Check out the pronunciation of some of the new words from yesterday lesson: condition, blaze, battling, firefighters, drought.

When you write in English you have to make sure you don't have any spelling mistakes. I know it is quite hard to know how to spell things correctly. Read this post on spelling mistakes from a primary school teacher. You will see that spelling is difficult for everyone. Some people would like to change the rules and make it more phonetic/phonemic (spell things as they are pronounced).

This week you have started your library short talks about a book borrowed from the college library. Listen to one of the St George librarians, Patricia, and do the worksheet in it.

The librarians at St George are producing excellent tutorials on how to use some of their facilities. You can find them in their wiki, St George Library wiki. There is a permanent link to it on the right sidebar of this blog. Keep visiting it to learn how to put money in your TAFE library to photocopy or print from one of the library computers, searching skills, etc. Today I would like you to watch their tutorial on how to start your TAFE portal access and change your password.

Give your opinion in last week's forum if you didn't do it then.

We should try to write/record a message in the voicethread world map. Dina managed to join and leave a message.
Our new students can start creating their blogs today. Check out the video on How to create a blog posted two week's ago in Our Blogs.


Try to write a sentence with the words in the pictures below. Put them together. Do you know what this is? Tell us in comments.

(you will need 2 she for picture 1)


  1. Pat
    Picture 1
    Teresa pushed her long dark hair from her face and tried not to panic but she knew she was in troble.

  2. Pat
    Picture 2
    She was a divorced,single mother with two children.

    and picture 3. I will leave it to you to post a comment.

  3. Very quick, Pat! Check the spelling of trouble.

  4. Hi Pat, hi Rosa. It was easy to answer picture three.

    picture 3:She pressed her hands against her stomach and looked in the mirror


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hello Rosa and Marion,
    Hi everyone,
    it's Marion's student Liudmila.
    She pressed her hands against stomach and looked in the mirror.
    She was a devorsed single mother with two children.

  7. Hello Thought you might be interested in this blog which is all about spelling:
    All the best
    Jamie (the dentist person)


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